Court Remands Sarim Burney to FIA Custody for Two Days

Court Remands Sarim Burney to FIA Custody Amid Serious Allegations


The court has handed over social activist Sarim Burney to the Federal Investigation Agency (FIA) on a two-day physical remand following serious allegations.

The decision on Burney’s remand request, who was arrested yesterday, was reserved by the court.

Sarim Burney was presented in the City Court today, where his lawyer completed arguments requesting Burney’s release.

The court announced that decisions on both requests would be delivered later.

Burney’s lawyer argued that there was no substantial case against him and that he should be released.

The investigating officer stated that they needed to record Burney’s statement and required remand to gather information regarding accomplices. They expressed concern that evidence might be destroyed if custody was not granted.

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Burney’s legal team emphasized his notable services to society, claiming he was arrested on false and baseless accusations. They highlighted his numerous awards for social work and asserted that he was incapable of any wrongdoing.

It is pertinent to mention that the FIA arrested Sarim Burney yesterday at Karachi Airport.

According to the FIA, Burney is accused of fraud, forgery, and human trafficking.

Officials allege that Burney facilitated the illegal transfer of over 25 children to the United States.

He and his trust allegedly arranged for these children to be illegally adopted by parents residing in the US, under the guise of the children being handed over to the Sarim Burney Trust in Karachi at various times.

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