Pre-partition #3 Mehrgarh- Older than Mesopotamia

The oldest settlements were believed to have been in the Quetta, Loralai and Zhob valleys in Balochistan but more recent research suggests that the first permanent settlements were to be found to the flood plains of the greater Indus River system.


From Mehrgarh, situated on the transitional zone between the upland valleys of Balochistan to the west and the Indus flood plains to the east come to the earliest definite evidence yet of permanent settled agriculture. Archaeologists have revealed that by around 7000 BC Mehrgarh was already a sizeable village of 6 hectares 915 acres, some 1000 years before the growth of urbanism in Mesopotamia – and by 6,000 BC it had grown to a small town of 12 hectares( 30 acres) with a probable population of 3,000.

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